Servers Status last 24 hours

Connection and login problems reported by users.

The above graph shows reported problems in the last 24 hours. It can help determine whether your login or connection problems to your fave game are all you or all them.

Latency (Pings) to PUBG Servers

See your PUBG server ping at Game Server Ping!

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We're talking about PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, PUBG, a 'Battle Royale'-style game that's taken the internets by storm.

If you're having a problem with connecting to a PUBG game or server, click the button above.

What These (Ping) Numbers Mean

Amazon Web Services, who serve the PUBG games, have data centers located in 'regions'.

We've used HTTP pings to these data centers directly from your browser - all this tells you is the speed of the connection there. If you're experiencing higher-than-normal pings then it could be anything from your personal internet connection to the pipe from your street to your ISP.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a 'Battle Royale'-style online game played by millions all over the world.

Use this site to measure your latency to PUBG servers and check for server status.